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EkoSource has taken over the DHI South Africa Office and have maintained the software agency for the DHI products. EkoSource offers the widest range of water related software solutions in South Africa. Products cover the entire water cycle from Source to Sea. EkoSource has retained the DHI SA team that have been using and supporting the various software applications in the SADC region for more than 15 years.  EkoSource stocks and supports the MIKE POWERED BY DHI brand.


For more than 25 years, MIKE software has been the preferred choice for water professionals worldwide. The total coverage and truly integrated modelling possibilities of our product range is unmatched by any similar software family. We offer everything from off-the-shelf software to highly customisable, cost-effective and sustainable IT solutions, developed specifically for your project. Our knowledge and expertise - right at your fingertips - makes YOU the expert in water environments.


Click on the yellow links to view more information and/or inquire about a specific software product that is of interest to you:

  • MIKE 21 - 2D modelling of coast and sea

  • MIKE 3 - 3D modelling of coast and sea

  • MIKE HYDRO River - comprehensive river network modelling

  • MIKE FLOOD - urban, coastal and riverine flood modelling

  • MIKE SHE - integrated catchment modelling

  •  MIKE HYDRO Basin  - river basin management and planning

  • LITPACK - littoral processes and coastline kinetics

  • MIKE URBAN - integrated urban water modelling

  • WEST - modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants

  • FEFLOW - all-in-one groundwater modelling solution

  • MIKE OPERATIONS - an online modelling framework designed for water forecasting and operational control

  • DIMS.CORE - data integration and business processes

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