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Expect more from a water modelling platform


Integrate, model and manage all your water systems on one platform. With MIKE+, you can make the most comprehensive analyses of all your waterways. Best yet, you’ll have all the latest analytical methods and data at your fingertips.

Apply the power of MIKE+ to all your water systems.


Water Distribution

Develop dynamic water distribution networks

Perform hydraulic and water quality modelling, gain control of pumps and valves and reduce leaks. Plan network sectioning, analyse fire flows and trace multiple sources.


River Networks

Reinvent the way you model rivers

Analyse river flows, assess hydrological changes and estimate pollution transport to mitigate disasters and improve water quality.

Collection Systems

Confidently make collection system decisions

Model and analyse the hydrology and hydraulics of your collection system. Design real-time controls, assess resilient solutions and manage both stormwater and wastewater collection systems.



Get the full picture on flooding

Predict the impact of flood events, identify risks and evaluate mitigation measures for climate adaptation and emergency response plans.

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