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Irrigating Fields


EkoSource provides customers with solutions to help them live more sustainably thus ensuring a better tomorrow for future generations.  EkoSource is a collection of companies which work collaboratively. We are proud to bring over two decades worth of best practice in water resource management experience and our global expertise to every customer we serve worldwide.


Together with our team of experts, world class technology, following best practice, experience in water management and our global expertise, we can assist in resolving your water and energy problems. We provide turnkey services in conjunction with our partners to design, develop, and install desired water and energy systems to serve our customers worldwide.

Jason Hallowes 
Director and Technical Specialist

Jason Hallowes has been a practicing hydrologist since 1998. He has participated in a broad range of projects with interdisciplinary teams. Work experience includes, IWRM, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, Flood modelling, River Basin Studies, Risk based hydrological assessments, Application development, GIS, Fortran and VB programming, Project management and Research.

A key interest and focus extending over his working career has been the application of real time systems and forecasting in water resources management. This began with his MSc thesis on the “Evaluation of a methodology to translate rainfall forecasts into runoff forecasts for South Africa”. He considers that the effective implementation of such systems can ameliorate risks associated with both flood and drought disasters, saving lives, preventing considerable hardship and reducing financial losses in many areas around the world.

As a Managing Director of EkoSource Insight his focus is primarily on business development, general and project management while he still participates in training and specific project activities when required.

Mehari Frezghi
IWRM DSS Specialist Lead

Mehari Frezghi is an Agricultural Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of in integrated water resource management, flood modelling and water resource information management. It involves practical modelling using different hydrological, hydraulic and water allocation models and programming experience in setting up decision support systems and information management systems.  He has significant project management experience and wealth of experience with the relevant software applications related to hydrology, hydraulics, water resources system analysis and information systems. He has a good knowledge of different programming languages to assist in implementing decision support systems for water resource management.


Mehari Frezghi is a member of the South African Institution of Agricultural Engineering (SAIAE). He is registered as a Professional Engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). He has published journal in Water SA and published book as part of a team on Water Research Council (WRC) research projects.

Kevin Greaves
IWRM IMS Specialist Lead

Kevin Greaves has an MSc in Agricultural Engineering. Mr Greaves’ specific areas of specialisation are: - Hydrology and Water Resources Systems Modelling - Hydraulic and Hydrodynamic Modelling - Water Resources Decision Support Systems – Data and Business Analysis - Information Product Design - Spatial Analysis in GIS - Irrigation water use and modelling. A large focus of his work has been the establishment of online Decision Support Systems for water resources and water system management. These systems integrate hydrological data with modelling software to produce insight, or forecasts, into the response of water system to different user defined operational strategies. River basins where he has been involved in the setup of such systems include the Mhlathuze (KZN), Lower Orange (Northern Cape), Orange Fish Sundays (Eastern Cape), Western Cape Water Supply System and Crocodile (East) Rivers in South Africa.

Through different project consultancy assignments, Mr Greaves has also configured and analysed water resources systems in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malaysia. Many of these consultancy assignments included assessing the impact of climate change on water resources systems. This was completed through the use of different hydrological and water resources modelling software. During these projects it has been a requirement to interact with data and information from many different sources both real time and archived.

Moroka Letshela 
Software Sales Lead

Moroka is a registered Professional Natural Scientist in the field of Environmental Science, who has been trained in the field of environmental science and hydrology.  He has 16 years work experience.

His interests lie in the field of environmental management and water resources, mostly on the policies managing these crucial fields of practice. He is also trained in the field of jurisprudence which has helped in the understanding of legal reasoning, legal systems, legal institutions, and the role of law in society.

Rudolf Diedericks 
Lead Software Developer

Rudolf is a computer programmer who has been working in the Water Resources Field for about 10 years. He has assisted in the development of many different programmes for Water Affairs in South Africa. He has a strong technical background and is experienced in setting up complex systems with many data exchange interactions with different data storage facilities.


As the lead software developer, he has assisted in the development of many different programmes for Water Affairs in South Africa. He has a strong technical background and is experienced in setting up complex systems with many data exchange interactions with different data storage facilities.

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