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Get insight into feedbacks and interactions across the entire hydrologic cycle

MIKE SHE is built on coupled physics-based models for overland flow, unsaturated flow, groundwater flow, and fully dynamic channel flow, including all their complex feedbacks and interactions. MIKE SHE also includes processes such as vegetation-based evapotranspiration, irrigation, snowmelt and water quality.

Hydrologic processes simulated in MIKE SHE
Manage your irrigation potential

MIKE SHE’s land-use and irrigation modules allow you to evaluate your agricultural operation and help you optimized your irrigation management. You can calculate plant stress and the soil water balance to analyze your ability to meet crop water requirements.

Hydrologic processes simulated in MIKE SHE
Include fully dynamic operation and control of surface water in your catchment mode

Most rivers, reservoirs and canals are managed to reduce downstream flooding, maximise power generation and control water levels. An optimum control strategy depends on a solid understanding of upstream hydrology.
MIKE SHE allows you to integrate drainage water management operations into your model
Customise your model and couplings

MIKE SHE opens the door to more complex studies of all aspects of eco-hydrology including multi-species and kinetic reactions using MIKE ECO Lab. You can use Python scripts to modify the process models. You can study two-way, subsurface infiltration and leakage in storm water collection systems by coupling MIKE SHE with MIKE+.

Integrated surface water-groundwater model of a riparian wetland in Fyn, Denmark
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