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Simulate all relevant processes in the subsurface

FEFLOW is the only tool you need to simulate all the flow, mass and heat transport processes in the subsurface. Analyse interactions below the land surface by including any manner of underground structures, tunnels and other types of excavation. Extend your model by coupling FEFLOW to other MIKE surface water models to investigate groundwater-surface water interaction. Plus, you can estimate ground subsidence and more accurately predict pumping rates with a hydromechanical coupling plugin.

Represent complex hydrogeologic conditions with elaborate, state-of-the-art visualisation

Create powerful visuals using the highly flexible planar, cross-sectional and 3D visualisation – even with Oculus Virtual Reality technology. Present your results as high-quality snapshots or in video sequences. Experience an unprecedented level of insight into complex model simulations and use Virtual Reality to navigate the model mesh and visualize areas of interest in three dimensions.

Create robust, accurate and spatially detailed results

With FEFLOW, you can create layer-based, partially unstructured or fully unstructured meshes in 3D. Produce precise spatial representation of complex geology and geometry for rivers, fractures, pipes, tunnels and well locations. Deactivate and reactivate mesh elements within the model domain to account for temporal changes such as tunnel excavations or mine plans.

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