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Perform comprehensive, fully dynamic river network modelling


The successor of the well-known MIKE 11, MIKE HYDRO River allows you to carry out flood analyses, investigate flood alleviation options and tackle hydraulic design within river networks, including canal systems and operational structures. Benefit from the flexibility of tailoring your river models to specific project requirements with add-on modules. For more complex hydraulic systems, couple your river model with MIKE+ and MIKE 21 through MIKE FLOOD or any OpenMI compliant modelling software.


Accurately model any type of river with MIKE HYDRO River


Precisely estimate the runoff in you catchment by selecting the right Rainfall-Runoff model for your domain

Accurately calculate catchment runoff with varying hydrological properties

With the Rainfall-Runoff module (RR), you can estimate inflow to rivers and reservoirs, and create runoff impact assessments to perform climate change analyses as well as support long-term water resources planning. Couple runoff and hydrodynamic simulations using MIKE SHE for advanced modelling of land-use change, overland flow, soil water and groundwater processes. Also, account for groundwater leakage directly or couple with FEFLOW to represent more complex processes such as the impact of groundwater abstraction on base flow.

Work smarter with an intuitive user interface


Boost the efficiency of your river modelling with MIKE HYDRO River’s modern, map-based and highly intuitive graphical user interface. Prepare your models and investigate results in no time. Improve the quality of communication with your stakeholders by presenting 1D results in 2D maps (based on a Digital Elevation Model).


Intuitive and comprehensive User Interface to save you valuable time


Use our latest generation 1-dimensional engine for complex and fast simulations

Run complex river network simulations with a powerful new engine

Benefit from unsurpassed flexibility, robustness and an array of features – thanks to the Hydrodynamic (HD) engine that offers a fully dynamic solution to the 1D St. Venant equations. Operate gates, pumps and turbines with extreme versatility and simplify channel routing using specialised hydraulic routing options. The HD module can be decoupled from the Advection-Dispersion module for fast water quality simulations. Plus, the ability to automatically adapt to subcritical and supercritical flow ensures an accurate estimate of the conditions in your river.

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