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Urban, coastal and riverine flooding


MIKE FLOOD is the unique toolbox for professional flood modellers. It includes a wide selection of specialised 1D and 2D flood simulation engines, enabling you to model any flood problem - whether it involves rivers, floodplains, flooding in streets, drainage networks, coastal areas, dams, levee and dike breaches, or any combination of these.

The core elements in MIKE FLOOD are our well-proven models, MIKE HYDRO River for rivers, MIKE+ for collection systems and MIKE 21 for 2D surface flow. These are coupled to form a unique and trend-setting three-way coupled modelling tool.

  • MIKE FLOOD builds on well-proven technology and simulation engines, which are applied successfully in numerous important engineering projects all over the world.

  • With the parallel 2D engines, it provides a unique framework for coupling 1D and 2D models using graphics processing units (GPU) for fast simulation execution.

  • Especially for environmental flood impact assessments, MIKE FLOOD provides unique features for dynamically coupled pollution transport and water quality processes.

  • It offers the highest flexibility in options for coupling 1D and 2D engines

  • Integrated flood modelling comprising dynamic coastal, urban, river and floodplains interactions

  • Access to flood modelling expertise in more than 30 countries around the world


MIKE FLOOD is applicable at any scale from a single parking lot to regional models offering multiple options for speeding up computation performance through parallelised simulation engines. Applications range from classical flood extent and risk mapping to environmental impact assessments of severe flood events.

MIKE FLOOD is the ideal software for:

  • flood forecasting

  • flood management and mitigation

  • flood risk analysis and flood hazard mapping for industrial, residential or cultural heritage areas 

  • flood contingency planning like evacuation routes and rescue priorities planning

  • climate change assessments 

  • dam breach and flood defence failure impact studies

  • integrated urban, river and coastal flood modelling

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