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Why ABM Lab?


From modelling surface runoff and flows to water quality and sediment transport, MIKE+ has all the features and functions to help you solve even the most complex collection system issues.

Describe and model any type of object (alive or inanimate) in the water phase

If an agent and its circumstances can be expressed mathematically, it can be modelled with ABM Lab. Model the migratory behavior of fish, marine mammals and birds to study the potential impacts arising from marine oil & gas exploration. Analyse the transport and fate of invasive species or infectious diseases/parasites between aquaculture farms. Identify hot-spots to study connectivity between key habitats such as corals, seagrass meadows and mangroves.

Model complicated behaviors such as movement, sensing and interaction

Analyse complicated behaviors by modelling an agent’s movement, sensing and interaction with the environment. With ABM Lab, you can model horizontal and vertical movement, migration and swarming, foraging, breeding, growth, death and predator-prey relations.

Couple with MIKE ECO Lab and MIKE 21/3 FM to unlock full capabilities

Create tailor-made agent-based models automatically coupled to MIKE 21 or MIKE 3 FM hydrodynamic and/or water model models through ABM Lab’s full integration with MIKE ECO Lab. Easily run ABM Lab on top of pregenerated hydrodynamic forcings to save on computational costs.

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