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Water-Saving, Anyone?

Let us help you create a better tomorrow. EkoSource Insight is the knowledge-based arm of the EkoSource business. We have the software, consulting expertise, cloud-based integrated solutions and products that can assist you in improving your water management and reducing water losses. Our decision support systems have enabled customers to save water, reduce their energy use, save money, reduce financial losses and secure their water supply.


We have introduced the concept of a Greenius. A smart person or organisations who is able to think more holistically and sustainably, to secure humanity’s future for many generations to come. Join the movement towards becoming a Greenius by clicking on any of the buttons below.



“We installed several of the EcoBETA water-saving devices in our home to reduce our water use, with great success.  Not only are we contributing to assisting the water situation in South Africa, but our monthly water bill has decreased.” – Nic, Johannesburg Resident


A few simple things you can do at home to ease the burden on your local water supply and save money in the process.


Businesses can and should look into ways they can minimize water use. To assure the strategies, optimise water and minimise costs, it is important to assess current water use and set goals.


Water savings can be achieved in industry through a combination of changing behavior, modifying and/or replacing equipment with water saving equipment to reduce overall water consumption and increase internal reuse.


Ongoing, successful water savings depend on a clear, long-term water action plan with well-defined and achievable targets. Bring together a water team of staff and pupils who will be the monitors and drivers of water conservation in the school.

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