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We can help you reduce your water use with simple cost-effective systems

Leaks and unnecessary water consumption are major contributors to the overall water use.  In facilities such as industries, commercial buildings, shopping centres, offices and schools, a major portion of the overall water use is a result of bathroom water use, washing and food preparation. It has been recognized that the most cost-effective way of reducing your overall water consumption is to target these high water use areas and fix leaks. These measures can reduce your overall water consumption and reduce your water bill dramatically often resulting in cost-saving which pay off the initial expenditure in a matter of months.


EkoSource has a range of solutions which reduce water consumption and knowledge that enables you to identify and reduce leaks. Some of the items that you may be interested in are:

  1. Faucet flow reducers and inset retrofits - these reduce volume flowing in taps in high use areas such as bathroom and kitchen washbasins.

  2. Shower volume flow reducers - which reduce flow volumes but still maintain a good shower pressure with enough volume.

  3. Low flush or two flush toilet systems - which are able to reduce toilet flushing water use by up to 60%.

  4. Pressure stabilizing valves - which are able to maintain consistent water pressure and can substantially reduce leaks.

These are the main products to reduce water use and leaks in facilities.

Water Saver Inserts

These water saver inserts fit into the tap filter and can significantly reduce the flow in kitchen and bathroom taps. You can choose flow rates of between 2 and 12 litres per minute. Depending on water pressure and flow rate chosen these devices can save you up to 20 litres of water a minute. They are quick and easy to install please see video with instructions and demonstration by following this link.

R 50,00
Water Saver Shower/Tap Retrofit

This set of water savers can be retrofit onto existing shower heads or under the sink on specific tap fittings that do not have the insert option. Flow rates of between 2 and 12 litres per minute can be chose. These devices have been shown to save up to 20 litres per minute. For demonstration and installation instructions follow this link.

R 70,00
Eco/RAPID Water reducer Inlet Valve

These water reducers can be fitted to normal bathroom or kitchen tap. The swivel head enables directional control. A range of different flow rates is available from 2 to 12 litres per minute. Savings can be as high as 20 litres per minute depending on your pressure and the flow rate chosen. Please see the following link for demonstration and installation purposes.

R 120,00
Retrofit Swing � Dual flush Insert

The swing retrofit system is a super way of changing your toilet from a single flush to dual flush system. There is not involved installation required and the system is fitted into the existing cistern. It creates a 1 button dual flush system that saves water on urine flushes while enabling you to evacuate the bowl should you so desire. The system saves up to 40% of water in one of the main water use areas in a house.

R 250,00
EcoFLUSH Valves

These systems can be fitted onto flap handle or top flush cisterns. They can change single flush toilets to dual flush systems. The design makes for standard installation on new or existing toilet systems. It turns single flush toilets into dual flush toilets. The savings for these are up to 40% in some cases. Please follow the link for installation and demonstration.

R 300,00
Europa Dual Flush Valve

This is a standard top dual flush system. The design is to have a single button dual flush system. This has been shown to save between 5 and 20% more water than standard two button systems. The advantage is that the system is a single button which results in consistent user behaviour as a single push and release is a urine flush while extended flushing requires a push and hold. The system is easy to install and can be fitted into most top flush toilets. The design also prevents the buttons sticking. The link below contains video instruction for installation and demonstration purposes.

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