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We only use and supply SMART Water Meters

The business management guru Peter Ducker said, “If you do not measure it you cannot improve it.” We would go further to say, "If you do not measure you do not know if you have improved". In order to understand how to improve water use in your home, the first thing to do is measure and understand your current water use. Today a range of new SMART water meters are available which provide information to consumers on an ongoing basis. These water meters enable users to better manage their water by enabling a better understanding of the overall water consumption as well as identifying and stopping leaks. EkoSource have partnerships with a wide range of water metering companies and are able to support you no matter what sector you are in. Water meter sizes vary from small water meters for households up to large bulk meters for urban, industrial and agricultural applications. 

Many companies and individuals are installing SMART meters. They are more expensive than most simple meters but there are several advantages which save water and money, namely: 

  1. Early leak detection (There meters are smart and are able to tell you if you have a leak or burst pipe). Linked valve technology enables automated or remote shut downs.

  2. It enables you to check the accuracy of bills and accurately report water use.

  3. It helps you gain a better understanding of water use profiles for different water applications. 

  4. Assists in bench marking water use against others and identifying areas of easy water savings. 

Water Meter Range

Kamstrup Smart Water Meters

Electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology combined with remote reading, advanced pressure and leakage surveillance and high-end user involvement. Kamstrup meters can withstand sediment, sand or algae, are highly accurate and require no maintenance. Kamstrup meters are intended for use across residences, bulk, industry, mining and agriculture. The bulk water solutions are powered by Siemens. 

Currently these items are not available on our web store. Please contact us directly for a quote.

SAFMAG Electromagnetic FlowMeters

Highly accurate and maintenance free, electro-magnetic flowmeters, reliable even when sediment, sand or algae are in the system. SAFMAG flowmeters are intended for use in residences, bulk, industry, mining, and agriculture. SAFMAG flowmeters are able to detect leaks and provide early warning of potential bursts, relaying information to another Smart device.  

Currently these items are not available on our web store. Please contact us directly for a quote.

Waterwatch Water Meters

Waterwatch Water Meters work on pre-paid water schemes, are highly cost effective and run on pistons, lessening the likelihood of wear and tear associated with older generation water meters. Waterwatch meters can detect leaks and potential problems and relay information to a central source.

Currently these items are not available on our web store. Please contact us directly for a quote.

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