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EkoSource Insight along with its partners have developed a set of online subscription products that can be used to assist in water management. The majority of these are automated information services, some of the products are free to use and others require a subscription but they are designed to assist water-related decisions.


EkoSource has a number of subscription services that it offers clients and government agencies. The majority of these services are low-cost cloud-based solutions which run in an automated fashion. These services can be ordered and tailored for your region of interest. These subscription services include but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring of dam volumes from the satellite at a countrywide scale. This is an automated service which provides relatively accurate estimates of dam volume estimates for individual large dams while providing an overall picture of the amount of water collectively in the smaller dams in a catchment.

  • Drought monitoring service, which provides an overview of an index of the current drought status. The probable trend based on the existing climate and hydrological projections and a predicted future trend based on weather forecast information.

  • Reservoir short term yield analysis and restriction probabilities. This is a projected status of the dam volumes up to a year in advance based on stochastic probabilistic projections


Please contact us directly to set up a consultation.

Our latest product WaterSphere 360 can be accessed by clicking the link in the image below.

A basic overview of the Dams Volume Calculator product. 

Video detailing the technical elements related to developing a satellite-based surface water area detector and water volume calculator for all dams across South Africa. 

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