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Streamline the mesh creation process for riverine, coastal, and urban flood applications while reducing errors by automating the most time-consuming step in the model building process.



Spend less time generating meshes and

managing data and more time on your


Key features

No installation

Get started in no time with this 100% browser-based application. You can use Mesh Builder on any device and do not have to worry about software versions and updates. Directly access the latest features and improvements thanks to our continuous release approach.

Intuitive mesh generation workflow

The mesh creation workflow was developed by our designers and meshing experts to ensure optimal productivity. Mesh Builder comes with a variety of tools to easily process GIS data, generate and refine meshes and analyse quality.

Mesh Management

With this cloud-based application, storing, sharing, and versioning meshes becomes robust and straightforward. Each mesh scenario ties back to the original data and can be embedded in a project framework. The map-based annotation tools allows you to document the different steps in your workflow and review meshes from your team.

2D and 3D visualisation

Work with your data and meshes in a 2D/3D map-based environment to further increase the quality of your mesh. With the ability to compare and visualise your input data and meshes together, data discrepancies and manual errors are all but eliminated.

Meshing from scratch with OpenStreetMap data

When limited data is available, Mesh Builder allows you to extract buildings, land cover, coastline, and other GIS layers from Open Street Map. This data can be directly processed and used in the meshing engine. All you need is a DEM/Bathymetry of your area of interest.

Advanced meshing engine

Thanks to CPU resources provided by Microsoft Azure, meshing becomes extremely fast and robust. Do not worry about working with really fine meshes until you find the optimum resolution. The advanced configurability of the engine also decreases the required pre-processing of input data (i.e. easy generation and junctions of quad elements) tremendously.

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