Let us help you strive to create a better tomorrow by saving water, saving energy, reducing waste and decreasing risk. 

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“Dad, why are we hurting our Planet?”

The beautiful inquisitive eyes of a child stared up at me with a questioning innocence. In that moment, a painful realisation dawned on me. Much of my life was taken up striving for commercial success in pursuit of financial security for my family, the provision of the best education and a slavish surrender to a consumer culture providing for children’s every whim and need. All this misdirected effort when it appears our generation with its massive wastage and consumption of natural resources may hand over a planet on the brink of a catastrophe and a bleak future for the generations to come.


Fortunately, it is not too late, we can give our children a better tomorrow.  It requires a paradigm shift and some major changes in behaviour, but it can be done. There is a growing recognition that the successful individuals, communities, businesses and nations of the future will separate their income generation from their resource consumption.


Therefore we invite you to join the growing community of people creating a better tomorrow. Become a Greenius and tread more lightly on this planet, develop and restore it for the future generations.


We would like to join you on your journey to becoming a Greenius and we offer you a suite of products, knowledge solutions and advice to help you on your way.

Greenius = Smart environmentally conscious individual or organisation
How can I become a greenius?

Let us help you on your journey to become a greenius. EkoSource has a range of solutions and knowledge that can help you save water, energy, people, money and the planet.

Step 1:

Click on a menu item defining what type of Entity you are. We have solutions for individuals, households, schools, businesses, industries, governments or NGOs.

Step 2:

Decide what you would like to do. Save water, energy, people or money and hence save the planet.

Step 3:

Once here choose the solution, service or knowledge product that suits you. We can then help you implement solutions accordingly.

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