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We can help you reduce your water use with simple cost effective systems

Leaks and unnecessary water consumption are major contributors to the overall water use.  In facilities such as:  industries, commercial buildings, shopping centres, offices and schools, a major portion of the overall water use is a result of bathroom water use, washing and food preparation. It has been recognized that the most cost effective way of reducing your overall water consumption is to target these high water use areas and fix leaks. These measures can reduce your overall water consumption and reduce your water bill dramatically often resulting in cost saving which pay off the initial expenditure in a matter of months.


EkoSource has a range of solutions which reduce water consumption and knowledge that enables you to identify and reduce leaks. Some of the items that you may be interested in are:

  1. Faucet flow reducers and inset retrofits - these reduce volume flowing in taps in high use areas such as bathroom and kitchen washbasins.

  2. Shower volume flow reducers - which reduce flow volumes but still maintain a good shower pressure with enough volume.

  3. Low flush or two flush toilet systems - which are able to reduce toilet flushing water use by up to 60%.

  4. Pressure stabilizing valves - which are able to maintain a consistent water pressure and can substantially reduce leaks.

These are the main products to reduce water use and leaks in facilities.

Range of products to reduce your water use

Faucets: ecoBETA Flow Reducers

ecoBETA Faucet Water Flow Reducers (22mm or 24mm) and Inserts reduce the volume of water flowing through taps in high water use areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. The reducers are available in 2.5, 4, 6, and 8 litre/ minute options. The inserts are available in 4, 6, and 8 litre/ minute options.

Showers: ecoBETA Shower Flow Reducers

ecoBETA Shower Flow Reducers can easily be fitted to any shower head to ensure just the right amount of water for the task. These are availble in 8, 10 and 12 litre/ minute options.

Toilets: ecoBETA Low Flush System – retrofits and new systems

The average household toilet uses approximately 71 litres of water per person per day. There is huge wastage of water and money. Therefore there is potential to save both water and money. The ecoBETA retrofit adapts any existing system into a dual-flush system with only one button.  It’s simple to understand and use – press and let go for a small flush, or press and hold for a big flush.


The ecoBETA system reduces the average flush, which uses between 8 – 9 litres of water to between 4 – 6 litres. This can result in as much as 31 litres of water saved per day per household (based on average usage). ecoBETA systems can be retrofitted quickly and easily adjusted if required. All systems come with a lifelong guarantee.

Leak-Less Toilet Valves

WHC Leak-Less Valve™ is a control mechanism that prevents 70% of the water loss in toilets. A major problem in many toilets is the result of cistern leaks which can go undetected in a toilet. Essentially a small amount of water leaks out from the base of the seal on the toilet cistern. The leakless valve can stop this problem effectively. The system is designed to stop issues relating to ballcock valve failure.

Pressure Control Valves

AVK Valves has a wide range of pressure-stabilizing valves able to maintain a consistent water pressure.  These valves can detect a leak or potential burst through Smart technology integration, and can be shut off remotely. 

These items are not found on the web store due to the wide range of valves and solutions available. These require that we interact with you to provide you with the most cost effective solution. Please contact us with your query and we will revert back to you as quickly as possible.  

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