Technology Comparison

MBC advantages over microfilter

  • Lower capital costs

  • Less pressure drop.

  • Not subject to membrane fouling and scaling.

  • Lower chemical and 10% of the energy costs.  No hazardous chemicals used.

  • Smaller footprint – a 4’x 4’x5’ MBC at 100-200 gpm versus a 30 gpm membrane filter with dimensions of 24’x12’x16’.

MBC advantages over gravity clarifier/sand filter

  • Smaller footprint (i.e.: 12’x20’ clarifier and 6’x10’ sand filter approximates a 4’x4’x4’ MBC)

  • Lower capital costs.

  • No filter fouling by oil and greases, bacterial growth, polymer overdose or scaling.

  • No floc floating problems.

MBC advantages over dissolved air flotation (DAF)

  • Better water quality.

  • Lower energy use.  MBC does not require air compressors.

  • Smaller footprint.

  • Less costly.

MBC Advantages over ballast clarification (Actiflo)

  • Smaller footprint (i.e.: 50% smaller).

  • 10x greater waste concentration.

  • No ballast wasting.

  • Lower capital cost.

  • Lower operating cost.

MBC advantages over microfilter

  • Smaller footprint.

  • Less costly.

  • Better water quality.  No pin floc or floc floating..

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