MBC Technology Benefits

  • Minimum head loss – Water flows through the system by gravity.

  • Non-fouling – System can operate under extreme fouling conditions.

  • Small size – Footprint is about one-tenth the size of a similar clarifier/sand filter system.

  • Low capital cost – Cost one-half a membrane system.

  • Low operating cost – Low power consumption and minimal cost of replacement parts.

  • Simple operation – System operation is simple and does not require constant supervision.

  • Rapid startup and shutdown – Startup and shutdown is accomplished within seconds.

  • Minimum sludge generation – Concentrated sludge minimizes dewatering requirements.

  • High flow rates – Modular construction allows for parallel operation and simple scale up.

  • High removal performance – Comparable in compliance performance to a clarifier/sand filter system.

  • High solids loading – Not affected by solids loading fluctuations and levels.

  • High operating reliability – Not affected by floating floc, fouling, or rapid changes in flow rates.

  • No periodic cleaning requirements – Cleaning is continuous so no cleaning shutdowns are required.

  • No flow interruptions – Water flow is not interrupted for cleaning of magnetic ballast.

  • No performance drop off – No drop off in performance with time solids loading.

  • Rugged design – Cannot be catastrophically damaged like membranes and resins.

  • High turndown ratio – Zero to one hundred percent flowrate.

  • No chemical cleaning waste – Membranes require chemical cleaning.

  • Rapid deployment – Easily retrofits into existing systems.

  • Simple operation – Easy to operate with minimum operator training.

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