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EkoBETA Water Saving Devices

EkoSource and Kyalami Preparatory School embarked on a pilot project together to determine how much water the school could save by installing water-saving technologies. A water meter was installed to measure the amount of water used over a seven-week period to get an accurate reflection of the School’s consumption.

EkoSource installed low-flow valves to the taps and water-saving flush mechanisms to the existing toilets.  (March 2018)

Measured Water Usage

Cost and Water Usage During Pilot

EkoSource installed a water meter to measure the water use over a seven-week period to get an accurate reflection of the School’s average consumption.


Their team of experts identified high water use areas to determine the best solutions. They installed water saving flush mechanisms to the existing toilets and low-flow water savers to the taps. 



Kyalami Schools - Kyalami Preparatory School


  • Reduce water usage


  • Installation of ecoBETA range of water saving products in the junior bathrooms

  • A total of 13 toilets and 10 taps had savers installed


  • 76% water savings

  • 6 week payback period


Kyalami, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Says Gary Botha (CEO – Kyalami Schools): “We were delighted by the results. Not only are we saving water and the School’s financial resources, but it provides such a wonderful learning opportunity for the kids to truly understand and ‘live’ the concept of saving our most precious resource.”

The Outcome

The baseline measurement showed an average of 6,7 Kilolitres of water used per week (costing approximately R217,14 per week).  Following the installation, measurements showed as little as 1,88 Kilolitres being used per week (R60,50 per week). This equates to a seventy-six percent water saving and the return on investment was realised after one and a half months of savings.

The Business Case

The pilot project payback translates to a 6-week period sing a cost per kilolitre of R23.

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