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Become a Greenius,by implementing water savings and energy

Understanding is the first step in determining where and how you can introduce water savings in your home. EkoSource Insight can assist you in identifying if you are using water inefficiently by providing information on benchmarking water use and giving information on where water inefficiencies are likely to occur in the home. Many households have leakages which can go undetected and can  contribute to high water bills if they are not identified and fixed. EkoSource has a range of smart water metering solutions which give you information on water use around the home. These devices can assist with the identification of leaks or taps left running and can also assist in giving households a better idea of their water use with different devices and at different times of day. EkoSource has links to a range of water meter manufacturers, smart irrigation devices as well as Internet Of Things (IOT) providers which enable the development of smart water solutions for most households.

Water re-use is another area where water savings can be recognized. EkoSource Insight has information relating to the concepts of water fit for purpose and designs for DIY greywater recycling systems.
EkoSource is able to provide a number of greywater recycling systems which can be used to provide irrigation water substantially reducing you water bill. While the payback period is longer than water efficient devices the return is usually in the order of 1 to 3 years.


The most effective method of saving water which provides the quickest return on investment is to reduce consumption or water loss. This starts with the identification and fixing of leaks. Many
households have leaks that go undetected for years. It is possible to reduce water use in households through the implementation of water smart devices. These include, one button flush savings technologies, flow reducers for taps and showers, smart irrigation, pool covers and pressure control valves. Additionally, EkoSource Insight can assist in identifying high water use areas where better technology can be used to reduce water and energy use. Water smart gardens and irrigation can be further used to reduce water use. Water savings of more than 30% have been achieved in many households with the payback of such installations usually only being a few months.


There are several options to augment a home's water supply.
Rooftops represent a good way of capturing rainfall and water
can be used to in various activities such as irrigation and pool
filling. Boreholes can also be a good way of supplementing water supply and reducing dependency on disrupted water supply in some areas. EkoSource has key agreements with borehole drilling, pump suppliers and access to water treatment technologies which enable the households to use groundwater to supplement their water supply.


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