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There are many opportunities to augment a business's water supply. Car parks and roof tops form catchment areas which can effectively catch rainfall that can be stored and used to supplement water supply for various activities. Additionally, sustainable groundwater extractions can used as a good source of water supply especially in areas where municipal water supplies can be interrupted. EkoSource has the knowledge and ability to provide rainwater and stormwater harvesting solutions to augment local business supplies. Additionally the company is able to use groundwater experts and is able to develop integrated groundwater supply solutions on business

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Understanding is the first step in determining where
and how a business can introduce water savings in a building. EkoSource Insight has an established methodology using the Water Stewardship Framework to identify water risk and water losses in a business. Many buildings have losses related to leakages or specific areas of high water use or inefficiency. With effective measurement it is possible to identify and resolve these quickly and effectively. Additionally, online measurements allows for the benchmarking and identification of leakages quickly and the better overall management of processes which use water such as the HVAC and other systems. EkoSource has links to a range of water meter manufacturers as well as Internet Of Things (IOT) providers which enable the development of smart water solutions in most buildings.

The most effective method of saving water which provides the quickest return on investment is to reduce consumption or water loss. This starts with the identification and fixing of leaks. However, once this is achieved there are a range of different Water Saving devices that EkoSource has available that can reduce water use in key areas. These include, one button flush savings technologies, flow reducers for taps and showers, smart irrigation and pressure control valves. Water smart gardens and irrigation can be further used to reduce water use. Water savings of more than 30% have been achieved in many commercial buildings with the return on investment of such implementations usually only being a few  months. EkoSource Insight also has a range of solutions which reduce losses and consumption through water smart technology implementations using IOT solutions linked with various computer models and artificial intelligence.

Water re-use is another area where water savings can be recognized. EkoSource Insight again has information relating to the concepts of water fit for purpose which involves the recycling of water for other applications without the necessity for water treatment. However, water recycling solutions can also involve the treatment of water for reuse into other processes within a business can also be investigated. These systems generally tend to be more costly and complicated to implement than the reduce solutions. Substantial water savings can be realised in these cases and the return on investment for the implementation of such solutions may take between 1 – 5 years to realise.

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