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Greenius = Smart environmentally conscious individual or organisation.

Whether you are an individual, a family, a business, an industry or any state or other enterprise, you could become a Greenius. Join the growing community of free-thinking people and enterprises who are thriving by living and producing more sustainably, reducing their impact on the planet and ensuring a brighter future for the next generations.

Let EkoSource help you, create a better tomorrow. Our smart solutions and products will help you save water and assist you to live and produce more sustainably.

The company has 3 focus areas:

  • solutions - are software and knowledge applications which can be used to better understand and reduce risks and impacts related to water quality and quantity.

  • knowledge - is the in-house know how to assist customers in determining and implementing various water solutions to reduce the water footprint and mitigate various water risks.

  • products - are physically implemented solutions which help to reduce the overall water footprint and improve water quality.


EkoSource has many different solutions that are currently available to the market through partnerships with several organisations. The solutions fall into the category of software solutions and various subscriptions services, run in-house or with partners.


EkoSource has taken over the DHI South Africa Office and have maintained the software agency for the DHI products. EkoSource offers the widest range of water related software solutions in South Africa. Products cover the entire water cycle from Source to Sea. EkoSource has retained the DHI SA team that have been using and supporting the various software applications in the SADC region for more than 15 years.  EkoSource stocks and supports the MIKE POWERED BY DHI brand.

For more than 25 years, MIKE software has been the preferred choice for water professionals worldwide. The total coverage and truly integrated modelling possibilities of our product range is unmatched by any similar software family. We offer everything from off-the-shelf software to highly customisable, cost-effective and sustainable IT solutions, developed specifically for your project. Our knowledge and expertise - right at your fingertips - makes YOU the expert in water environments.

Water Resource Supply Projections

EkoSource is currently working with GeoTerraImage (GTI) to generate an application which uses satellite information to generate water resource projections. The service currently can estimate water resources surface areas across the SADC region. These are currently being converted into water volume estimates and will further be developed to provide an estimate of reliability of supply up to 12 months ahead.

Water ordering, water use and water balance online calculator

In most irrigation schemes and water user associations it is possible to save water by ensuring that the releases in a system meets the water requirements or water orders of specific water users. This prevents substantial operational wastage. EkoSource have developed a system which enables the capturing of water orders, water use and then doing water balances. This is the first step in setting up more effective water release calculations which EkoSource has implemented in a number of areas across South Africa. This system also performs water balances enabling the identification of areas where water losses are occurring and identifying and rectifying problems efficiently.


EkoSource, has recently purchased DHI Water Environment Health South Africa, the operating arm of DHI in the SADC region to form EkoSource Insight.  The focus of EkoSource Insight is to provide knowledge-based products to support improved water management and water related risk management in Southern Africa. The company represents the knowledge-based subsiduary of the EkoSource organization. The company has maintained a close collaboration with DHI and DHI GRAS relating to the use and applications of various products and has subcontracted and worked with numerous organizations such as GTI and Hydrologic.

EkoSource Insight has extensive knowledge in implementing various water resource assessment projects throughout Africa. The team can perform planning assessments to support, civil, environmental and social studies. Additionally, the team has implemented many information management systems and near real time decision support systems to support water resources management.

Water Resources

EkoSource Insight specialises in Water Resource Management and can present many solutions relating to improving water management and obtaining a better understanding of water resources in an area.


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